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Can your braces be installed if I have horizontal braces on my door?

Yes, the multiple holes on the “deflection brackets” are designed to permit our brace to be installed behind horizontal bracing up to 6″ thick.

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Can your brace be installed in the center of the door when an electric door opener is installed?

Yes, but the “hockey-stick” shaped arm that connects the opener to the door must be released before the brace is installed (and re-attached after the brace is removed). This is normally done by removal of a cotter key and pin. Since you may do this several times during the period you own the brace, you may want to consider a quick-release cotter pin available for about $1 at most hardware stores.

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If my door is wood or fiberglass, will your braces help?

Yes, our bracing system will strengthen most every garage door. However, we cannot determine how much our brace will improve your specific door’s ability to withstand hurricane force winds. Our bracing system works in conjunction with your door and cannot compensate entirely for a door that is in poor repair or condition, improperly installed, or built of flimsy material. Doors that cannot withstand the impact of flying debris are subject to failure for reasons other than just high winds. Similarly, garage doors with windows are at great risk as the windows are often the weakest part of the garage door. Options to protect the window range from replacing that panel of the door to fabricating a shutter to cover them, or adding some form of covering securely mounted inside the door to cover the window area. Of course, the other options are to replace the door with a hurricane-resistant door or adding shutters to your garage to cover the garage door but these latter two options are relatively expensive and may require a building permit.

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How long does it take to receive your brace from the time our order is placed on the Internet?

Normally we ship UPS ground within ten business days after receipt of an order and the brace then takes a day or two to arrive if you live in Florida or two to three days in other areas on the East Coast of the United States. In peak times, it could take up to a month from time of order. To obtain our braces quicker or to arrange for professional installation, it may be best to purchase through one of our distributors who normally stock our brace and have trained personnel available for installation.

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<strongWhat do you do if you have windows in the garage door?

The windows must also be protected for the Secure Door bracing system to be effective. Some solutions we have seen utilized by homeowners are to replace the top panel with a panel that does not have windows. This approach would require ordering a panel from your garage door manufacturer that is compatible with your specific model of garage door. A second approach is to cover the windows with a “shutter” fabricated from plywood and securing bolted to the top panel of the door. A third approach we have seen utilized is to permanently mount Lexan inside the top panel behind the windows to provide added protection. Please note that none of these homeowner solutions have been laboratory tested to assess their effectiveness.

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Is there an insurance discount for homeowners that use your product?

Insurance discounts are determined by individual insurance companies. Many have granted discounts to Secure Door® protected homes. Since Secure Door® is statewide Florida Building Code approved and the only retrofit product designed for the garage door that has been tested and certified, it is more likely than any other garage door retrofit product to be approved by your insurance company.

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What is the manufacturer’s warranty and return policy?

Secure Enterprises warranties the product to be free of defects. Simply return the brace indicating the defective part and, if the defect exists, your entire purchase price will be refunded. If you are not completely satisfied for any reason other than defect, simply return the unused brace within 30 days for a refund of the purchase price and associated taxes less a $15 re-stock charge. Shipping charges both from our warehouse to the purchaser and from the purchaser to return the Secure Door brace are the responsibility of the customer. Returns will not be accepted on braces that have been installed, in whole or in part.

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But whatever you do, protect your home – and the garage door is a key component of that protection.